Multifunctional Bathroom Rack Toilet Rack Anti-rust Bathroom Rack


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The bathroom shelf helps to better storage space in the bathroom.
The stock is available in white and black.
Multifunctional shelves help increase the usable area.
There are 3 shelves, side shelves, and side hooks. There is also a toilet paper holder that can be placed under the toilet or washing machine.
Increase the space allocation of the goods to be used in the order.
It can be moved comfortably.
It is made of high-quality metal and coated with anti-rust paint.
It can be assembled by itself, can be exposed to water, will not rust, is strong, and can place heavy objects.
Provided A multi-functional hanging hook.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 260.00 × 500.00 × 1280.00 cm



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